"A place where the wild meets agriculture"

AgriEuro Corp treats its land with the utmost respect. Without nature's balance we wouldn't be able to benefit this much from our resources.

AgriEuro Corp is proud to operate one of the few commercial Unesco World Heritage sites on the planet. Every precaution is taken to maintain this fragile wildlife habitat.

Our mission at AgriEuro Corp is to develop and nurture a holistic, sustainable approach to everything we do. This allows us to produce the highest quality products possible.

The property we own consists of 4,223 acres on the meeting point of the Danube Delta and the Black Sea, an area that is highly fertile and that will host a wide array of developments in the near future.

We have a 25 kilometer dam that gives us access to huge bodies of water and yearly reed harvests that are of the best quality.

Eastern Europe has a skilled work-force that allows us to get things done well, fast and cost-effectively. In fact we benefit from some of the most competitive wages in all of Europe: Romania has the second lowest wages in the EU.