"A place where the wild meets agriculture"

Our operations are located in a Unesco World Heritage Site. All photos shown on this page are taken on site of AgriEuro Corp's actual property and assets

  • Reed occurs naturally throughout our property

  • A frog gets some sun on our property

  • Wildlife is abundant throughout our land and we do our best to preserve it

Our resort will be built on the black sea

  • Various species of birds inhabit our beaches

Here is a bird's eyes view of our property

  • This is where the Danube River meets the Black Sea on our property

  • This is another one of our buildings close to the beach

  • Here are some of the buildings we own

  • One of the buildings we own Notice the reed roofing

  • One of the many channels connecting our property together

  • This is the beach where our resort will be constructed

  • Reed grows all over this area

Our newly constructed warehouse

  • Even the 18 wheeler looks small next to the warehouse

  • Our newly constructed warehouse is where reed is stored before shipping

  • Our towing boat navigates the channel right up to our warehouse to deliver the reed

How we process our reed

  • Our men stack the reed onto the transporter

  • After the reed is processed and bundled it's loaded onto the barge for shipment to our warehouse

  • One of our lifts loading a reed bundle onto a transporter

  • One of our workers levels the surface of the reed bundle

  • A reed bundle is being prepared for loading

  • Our men work tirelessly to bundle all the reed harvested

  • Our staff sets up camp here for the duration of the harvest

  • Team work is key in order to increase efficiency

  • The processed reed is ready for transport up the river

  • This is about half way through the process of bundling the reed

  • This is the step where individual reed sticks get bundled together

  • This is where we process the reed out in the open

Reed grows in a swamp environment

  • In the middle is our boat getting ready to tow read up the river

  • On both sides of this channel is reed growing We are in a swamp environment

  • We can easily navigate the channels with our boats and assess the reed growth

After our reed is processed it is shipped

  • Notice the reed walls which serve as a strong insulant for the cold in the winter

  • Some of this year's reed harvest store in our warehouse

  • This is our reed being unloaded off the barge for storage in the warehouse

Photos of some of the equipment we own to facilitate production and constructions

  • This is our boat towing a large barge of processed reed to our warehouse

  • Our men work on loading processed reed on the barge

  • One of many 4x4 we own to get around the property

  • This is another piece of equipment we own that is working on leveling the surface